Wednesday, September 5, 2012

32. Inspired Menswear: Double Feature


Look 1: Pants and Oxfords from H&M.  Blouse from Forever 21.  Blazer was thrifted.
Look 2: Shorts from Zara.  Blouse from Forever 21.  Oxfords and Statement Necklace from H&M.

Sorry it's been so long since I've had a new post, but Hurricane Isaac's wrath inevitably delayed my daily routine, which is why I've post two outfits to make up for lost time!  Fall, my absolute favorite season is finally here, and I've been dying to put new ensembles together, and one of my faves for Fall and Winter will be menswear!  I've always been a fan the the sleek and classic look of women bringing out their "inner gentleman."  There's just something so incredibly empowering about emulating a little masculinity.  Look forward to granny-chic, military-inspired, and rocker-chic looks (absolutely can't wait to wear leather skirts, pants, and shoes w/ studs and spikes!).  Also, it's a necessity to add hues of forest green, mustard yellow, and burgundy items to your Fall wardrobe.  Until next time (which is hopefully soon!),

P.S.  If it does take a while for my next post, Organic Chem and Physics are my scapegoats!

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