Thursday, May 10, 2012

21. Magenta Madness

Blouse, Skirt, Accessories from Forever 21.  Watch by Michael Kors. Shoes by Material Girl.

Spring is in full swing and it's finally about to be summer!  What better way to celebrate then to post an outfit that screams summer/spring!  I'm actually wearing this to a banquet my organization is having tonight and had to wear purple.  Who knew how hard it would be to find something that's a true purple during this season?!  So I just settled for magenta.  It's close enough right?  If you've been following my blog lately you see that I'm been all about flowy pieces, and this is no exception!  I hope you enjoy my mix of florals with a bold color. It's just so comfortable, especially in hot weather.  Also, this is actually my first time attempting a sock bun and I love it!  Totally easy and a perfect accessory to making an outfit incredibly chic.  Til next time, enjoy the rest of May and its plentiful festivities!

P.S. Since there's so much going on in May, expect to see more posts soon!

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